Free Falling Angel

Awesome work from an awesome poet

Sudden Denouement Collective



Another slow silent sigh creeps across our

eyes and reminds us of the lives

we used to lead

I remember fearing the failing leaders

as we dogs nipped at their heels

hoping for little salvations

and it’s a crazy kinda hatred

that burns in my mind

the kind that makes you cry

when you pull the trigger

alas, against the ghosts of your hopes,

the shared dreams of a moonless night,

and the heartfelt meanderings on a dawnless day

We pay our prices

Our idols expect their tributes

For tribulation is what we all most desire

when our lives are on fire

So step softly in the valley

temptation is stalking you

like a doe in the wood

unseen but felt beyond

the slow blue horizon

There is no distinction between right and wrong here

it is merely the perceptions of the strong

taking hold

do not let…

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