Contest Finalist 2: Splatter – Aakriti Kuntal

Mind blowing, award winning poem (from Sudden Denouement).

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


Splatter – Aakriti Kuntal

When the ink parts

between my tresses

I unfold like a streak of leather

and disappear into the horizon

A crimson casualty

of lifeless days

In my town

the weather is a dense blue

rivulets and arches, alleyways and purple boundaries

a liquid state

of all matter

a fluidity, a lisp, a demonstration

I have been weeding out

the pellets of time

time after time

they have grown scaly fingers and clumsy feet

You ask me

Where is the ‘ache’ ?

I throb, a spinning compass



I am Orion

I am Virgo

I am Polaris and Sirius

stretching and leaping

across time and its variety

the combustible zones of space

I have a mouth of flames

an insurgency of sores, the vacancies of unanswered questions

Time after Time

I pluck my tendons

twist and crack, break and wield

throw it all away

Am I…

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3 thoughts on “Contest Finalist 2: Splatter – Aakriti Kuntal

    1. I would love to have you join the team at whisper and the roar as a contributing member. I would publish two poems of yours a month and promote your website and book if you have one/when you release one. Please email me at if you’re interested!

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