Christmas Morning by Nadia Garofalo

sufjan-stevensChristmas Morning by Nadia Garofalo

We sit in pregnant silence
The current distress collects
in my head, rains down my face
You say nothing
Again I’m that girl
in the black skirt
That drank too much
Didn’t work hard enough
Snuck out of your life
All without permission
The woman next to you
The stranger you raised
Despite all you did
I’m still living in my own skin
And I won’t speak first
I can’t afford to
So we sit here
Until we get to the airport
And for the first time
I look back from the security line
and you aren’t there.

3 thoughts

  1. This poem gave me chills. The story is so simple, but powerful and palpable in its silences that leave the reader just enough room to find the angle at which this poem becomes a mirror for them. Well done!

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