Bruised and Baffled

Aurora Phoenix/Blood Into Ink

Blood Into Ink

tell me this, my sisters:

tell me how we sit

in solidarity

eyes dripping,

empath secretions

in unanimous dis-synchronous


tell me how we bond

in tissue passing intimacy,


shackled together

in chosen

discomfiting disclosures

as we were shackled

hands behind backs,

wrists to waists to ankles,

perpetually to our pasts.

tell me how we ache

in our bosoms,

young and pert

or old and wire-bound,


in each other’s despair,

concrete compendium

  • compelling –

as our nation’s

mandate to incarcerate.

tell me how we applaud

each signpost of survival

amen and hallelujah

symposium cum church chorus

stand in ovation

for humble attestations

to each sisters’

peril fraught journey.

tell me how we embrace

genuine and heartfelt fortitude

and challenge not


in the house.

have we forgotten,

one and all,

Lorde’s caution on systemic change?

do we hammer away

at the masters’ chains

with his hot and hate…

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