We’re All Complicit- A. G. Diedericks


Beloved stage actress Tallulah Blackhead once said, “I was raped in our driveway when I was eleven. You know darling, it was a terrible experience because we had all that gravel.”

Now, how you react to that, says a lot about what kind of person you are.

We’re all complicit for sitting down and not taking action at stand-up shows, where the act indoctrinates rape culture.

We’re all complicit for calling her a feminist without actually looking up the word “feminist”

Men are complicit for saying, “don’t lump me in with all males”

without taking the time to understand why she became a misandrist.

Teenage boys are complicit for not doing anything at the party when you see an anesthetized body being carried up to a room by the jock.

Fearing an ass-kicking by the football team, never mind the anal-rape that awaits her that night & the fucked up stigma that she’ll run into on Monday morning.

Teenage girls are complicit for watching their ex-friend flirting with a date-rapist and not warning her because you two had a falling out over some trivial bullshit.

Women are complicit for saying, “He’s changed. It happened in the past; Why do you wanna bring up that shit again? move on, already”

I am complicit for living in a patriarchal world and writing a fucking poem that should not have to be written in the first place.

A.G. Diedericks is a cinephile in the midst of being gentrified into a bibliophile… colonized by mediocrity. He moonlights as a clandestine writer. You’ll find him in a dark alley over at the cuckoo’s nest, where he often lays to rest in Cape Town, SA.  You can find more of his writing at Sudden Denouement

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