Hand in unlovable hand- Malicia Frost


“I’m sorry I used you again,”
I whisper
letting the edge of the blade
plant shy kisses
down your neck
then I’ll say
“I’ll be gentle this time”
when we both know

the echo
following me trough the woods
screaming the same words
over and over
maybe I still love you!
maybe I still love you!
maybe I still

the voice that encourages me to hit harder
to cut faster
screaming into the sheets
(and now, in building ecstasy)
I yield

because you’re unlovable
statue of glass and ink
paper heart
it’s where I

to get away from you
until I fall off the edge
Then you’ll take my hand
guide it to the beginning
and whisper
“try again”



Malicia Frost, or Henna, is a hobbyist writer and an aspiring novelist from Finland. She enjoys surrealism, sci-fi and horror, and her works often deal with mental illness. More of her works can be found at her Malicia’s Malebolge.

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