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Dom/Dom The Blogger

Dom The Blogger

I am not shit… let their mamas tell it…

I don’t have shit… let these bitter women tell it…

But I love my granny… so to her I always listen. And according her I need to live my life different…

And she’s right though…

‘Cause I have some babies that I know I need to see… I know you wonder how I sleep not seeing the seeds that came from me… but what you people don’t see is their bitch ass mamas keeping my kids from me…

Okay… Okay… I shouldn’t call them a bitch… but damn what should I do…I am tired of this shit… when I was younger I fucked up… this is something I cannot undo… and quite honestly it would be easy if I could undo these kids…

Day in and day out I feel like a disappointment to my son… because I wasn’t there for…

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I refuse to be invisible. I honor my voice. I write because I have to.

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