Hike Past City Limits (Let’s get out of here for a minute)

Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

What's the ugliest part of your body?

Our bootsteps beat heavily onto the wet, black pavement of the city
we are not girls because we are no longer children
we are entertaining the sorts of conversations
i eavesdropped on playing under the table
of my aunts and godparents
we stalk past a building ive seen
lined with possums running and disposable coffee cups set down
for a minute, always by some pedestrian rushing
stopping only to tie a shoe
ive watched this building,
a man from the top floor window leers down at us
asking, its Saturday night, what are you doing?
we are not girls, we are no longer children
so we dont awnser him
we speak of bill settlements
divorce papers fresh, career advancements
creepy men and the downfall of some of our friends
until we slip past the bushes away from the buildings
into the woods and the soft flowing stream
and then, just…

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