Frailty- Eric Syrdal



not in her
where her heart shines
like a thousand suns

iron and steel
dwell in these hands
that touch
my tattered soul
with the grace of
an angel’s feather

in the union
of our kiss
Acropolean Marble
that sees the dawn’s glint
from Athena’s bright spear

and in her dark eyes
all the gravity of the earth
captures light and my helpless heart
and bends them to her will

more’s the question,
was there ever a finer
trellis than she?

her whole
and wondrous frame
supporting these delicate

entwined within
her mahogany tresses
morning glories
may borrow her resolve
and outlast
the ending
of all things

Eric Syrdal is an independent poet/author. He’s an avid gamer and Sci-Fi enthusiast. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy literature and spends a great deal of his writing time focused in those genres. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with wife and two children.  You can read more Eric’s writing at My Sword and Shield….

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