Blood Into Ink #MeToo Writing Contest Honorable Mention- Little Bird/Kae Bucher

Little bird Katherine Whitford

He finds me in my nest
and gathers
my boundaries
as though they are nothing more
than flimsy twigs
to kindle
his appetite.
As he sets them aside
blue skies are ripped out
from under me.
i flap
as i fall
from the
family tree,
and into
his lustful flames.
goodbye sweet morsel
of rock a bye song…
my beak breaks
easily in his hands
no danger now
of my saying a word…
i dream of
and thorny nests shaped
like a crown.

I was born in the Florida Keys, but grew up in the Bay Area before migrating south for college. I completed my bachelor’s in English at Fresno Pacific University in California, where I minored in Christian ministry. I have also had the privilege of serving as a youth pastor.

In addition to teaching special needs students and raising four children, I also studied Special Education as a graduate student at FPU. I have now been writing for over twenty years, and much of my recent poetry appears on my website: Buckets On A Barefoot Beach


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