Daffinginger fills our heads with visions of trinities and colliding galaxies.


I think about being a mom and a woman and a lover and how separate they are, only thing is I interchange between the three so often they get all muddled. Then I got this tiny shard of glass in my heel. It’s not too bad, until I want to put my whole foot down, then it’s an irritant. It’s so small I’m surprised I can even feel it. And when I finally got my face close to his, I kissed his eye balls. He barely had time to close em. Maybe it’s like a trinity: mom, woman, lover? The same, but separate. I nestle in his neck threatening to bite. Maybe I did. I just remember how in the mood I wasn’t and how in the mood he was. It makes me feel kinda bad cuz it’s been a while, but I just have no mojo. Probably pms or…

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