1/21/17- Timothy Tarkelly

1-21-17(1) Timothy T

You think we are gathered for what?

To show our hearts like designer

labels, to be a fighter,

but only speak progressively?

To make noise, to wear our throats

to shreds and our toes to shreds

singing and marching while we sweat

under arms made rubber

but heavy like stone

by cardboard pictures of what?

Slogans you think we made up

to satisfy status, quip,

and trade in style for principle?

You think our shoulders like doom

so much that we wear it

for war-story nights

and profile photos?

I promise,

there are so many other ways

to spend a Saturday.

1-21-17 Timothy t

Timothy Tarkelly has an MA in Theatre (Drama Therapy) from Kansas State University. His poems have been featured by Lycan Valley Press, Fourth & Sycamore, Poets & War, and Aphelion. He is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW local 1981) and is on the National Committee of the Social Democrats, USA. When he is not writing, he works for a non-profit that serves survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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