Sheep- Kindra M. Austin

Kindra M. Austin

Kindra M. Austin


A couple of cool kids in knitted caps laugh in the corner of a coffee house and

I wonder first, what’s really so funny about our present state of affairs? And


did they knit those caps with their own hands from the wool of

American sheep?

Trump trumpeters trumpet in the corner of a coffee house and

I know that bringing jobs home plays second fiddle to building walls and



Yes, let’s send the pricks packing back to their countries of origin—countries

they really have never known— so they can take up the


our stylish caps.

Yes, let’s keep on keepin’ on with our lax gun laws; and let us not lose focus on the

evil of Planned Parenthood. Let’s shut down the government for three fucking days and

make sure we pay those in power while our military servicemen/women continue their

duties without compensation for…

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