Apocalypse Buffet- David Somerset

Apocalypse Buffet David Somerset

[Written while waiting for my order of meatloaf at the Cellar open mic]


Another meal at the Apocalypse Buffet

It could be a snack or

a meal at mid-day

But we can’t pass up

That “All you can eat!” special

Each and every day

Shock and awe in the morning

Car bombings in the afternoon

Random shootings fill the quiet

Russia Russia Russia

And then dead air

When the dishes run low

They are quickly refilled

Our hearty appetites

Always want more

Dave Somerset writes and performs poetry, stories and music at open mics and features. He likes Bansky’s idea that “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” and that truth and good writing converge. Dave’s work has been published in the Merrimac Mic Anthology, and online sites. Dave also has published a Chap Book: Among Poets Tonight.

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