Precarious Love Note

Henna Sjöblom

Murder Tramp Birthday

Love to me is
when I said I’d feed off anyone’s hand
and I didn’t mean yours
So I say I love you because I think maybe you wouldn’t want to hurt me
(What a fucking tragedy.)
I couldn’t tell you, but I can feel my skin bleeding marble and buzzing with white noise, I’m cut-off cries and static, a loose-wired run-out girl best suitable for tapping on the shoulder while I puke out my childish love to you and I know you’d never reciprocate it and never consider me an equal again. (If you ever did so in the first place.)

I don’t blame you. After all, who wants to eat love with an aftertaste of puke?

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I refuse to be invisible. I honor my voice. I write because I have to.

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