All Things – Kristiana Reed

All things

Little girls are made of all things,

not sugar or spice

but grass stains and butterfly wings,

cloudless days and lightning strikes,

broken hearts and beating hearts,

lemonade, cuts and bruises,

calloused hands and equal wages,

respect that’s given,

love without conditions,

honey and orange bitters,

rights, opportunities

and choices.


And little boys?

Well, they’re made of the same things too;

all things which make us,

me and you.

Published by


I write poetry and prose inspired by the people around me - whether that be my own reflection or a stranger in a cafe. I am the Vice President of FVR Publishing and head of talent acquisition in the UK and EU, a curator for Blood into Ink and a collective member of both Whisper and the Roar and Sudden Denouement, and I write reviews over at Indie Blu(e).

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