A Poet and Her Words – Sabrina Escorcio


These words
oh, these words
what a suffering death
and abundant life
this furtive multitude
of polar opposites;
for it is known
while a poem penned
can be their greatest joy
it could also be
their source of strife
appearing at times
with radiant
illuminating light,
yet other times
held captive in the dark
as useless as a lantern
hidden out of sight

These words
oh, these words
are the poets every wound
exposed to all,
yet the very breeze
that brings healing;
their deepest bleeding gash
but better still
the scab

For truthfully
my dear friend
lover of the written word
it is the very poison
that festers within
as well as the only cure
they need to drink;
it is the sweet truth
humbly revealed
and bitter lies exposed
on which they chew
and think

These words
oh, these words
these words you see
and come to read
are to the poets’
their most prized
fruitful blessing
of a talent
freely gifted,
yet they are
the heaviest weight
they must carry;
a brilliant burden
of a curse
never lifted

© Sabrina Escorcio
December 2017

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