Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: Brave/Brenda Romconfan

Powerful writing from Brenda Romconfan

Brave & Reckless

The day they told me you have the A Word
I simply experienced the demise of everything I knew to be true
That word hung from your file
from my face
like a big scarlet letter written in the alphabet of DNA
I felt as unlucky as a crash test dummy scientists use to compare carnage to some arbitrary normal
I lost in the Russian roulette of biology
Received a rejection letter from God
Some myopic angel probably forgot to stamp my file thus my fate fell in between the cracks of
heaven’s bureaucracy

Then naturally I fantasized about a classic California earthquake
for the ground to just open up and devour me
(it would have been a good headline in the LA Times: Woman’s Shame is the Epicenter of Disaster)

I can’t tell how I became brave after that
even though I was pretty sure I was the standard…

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