14 Black Girls, Women & Non-Binary People Every Womanist Should Know About

From the Black Feminist Collective

Black Feminist Collective

womanistdef Alice Walker’s “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens,” 1983

Many institutions fail to educate Black History and Women’s History from the Black female and non-binary narrative. We are discredited for our contributions to the feminist movement and the civil rights movement. Civil Rights is often centered around cishet Black men, while mainstream feminism is often centered around cishet white women. While many women are already reprimanded for standing for their rights, Black women, girls and Nonbinary people are often systematically undermined and told that they should be remorseful of their voices when they speak out, which calls for a broader, intersectional and womanist agenda. I am grateful be part of a generation where the theory of intersectionality, the definition of womanism and movements like Black Lives Matter can build a socially and politically just society.

crenshaw_kim-1-e1559269605710.jpg Columbia Law School

Kimberlé Crenshaw – Intersectionality was first coined Kimberlé Crenshaw, the founder of…

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