The Tender Lily – Lois E. Linkens

lily drwing

there was a tender lily
beneath a shaded tree.
her face was pure, her roots were deep.
she blossomed endlessly.

and she was tall
as proud as any woman.

the honey bees came bumbling
to take her juices sweet.
they sucked her dry
and off would fly,
to leave her pale and weak.

but night came,
and up she stood
as proud as any woman.

the golden hours of autumn
brought dryness to the tree.
the leaves did fall and cover all
her beauty bitterly.

but wind came,
and up she stood
as proud as any woman.

the trampling boots of hate and shame,
they crushed her ‘neath their toe.
her fragile suit was broke and blue,
and hid beneath the snow.

. . .

there is a tree that stands alone
in a charming field of white.
and at its foot, there grows a shoot
of lily, green and bright.


There Were Things I Did Not Know – Lois E. Linkens


There were things I did not know (could not know).
There were words I was yet to write, a still
Small voice, yet to claim. ‘Tis life’s greatest thrill,
To light an unknown match, and watch it glow.
I would do great things. I would swing my feet
O’er fences, walls, tall gates to walk amid
The places I had never seen, and bid
Farewell to my young self, to future meet.
Places that could hold me fast, scoop me out
And fill me with their beads, their jasmine ways.
Here comes tomorrow in its dusky haze.
I have seen the future; she’s ours to sprout.
Where so much is known today, I decree
To stay a great surprise, most so to me.

Teeth – Lois E. Linkens


I had just moved into the big green Room

Down the Hall. I missed my walls and floor yet

Knowed one must welcome change as Mother’s womb

Did welcome life – my toys and things were kept

They said in boxes for the little One.

I tucked a Tooth below my head that night,

The Morrow sure would yield a Penny bright!

I thought. (It never came, but I was dumb.)

Dropped that Tooth in Cola; one new white case

In sweet brown seas. Perhaps the liner sank.

But it was Gone by eve, as gone was I,

To some new Room, another piece of Sky.

I would that Teeth were Eyes, that walls were green.

A sugared drink might make these sights unseen.

Katherine’s Rhythm – Introducing Lois E. Linkens

I want what you can give me,
Her letters said.
The life of it all, the love
Of white arms, cold in marble and
My colours on canvas
Hanging on the parlour wall.
Her face and her flowers
In words,
I want to give her the yellow sunshine.
I want to paint
Under human bodies and music,
While the lights of London still
Outshine the dusk of Wellington – aye, the ships
And the control,
Did my father speak of this?
He spoke to you, I see. I hear his voice in yours.
I can only play the servant,
With very bad grace – but for art’s sake.
[Lois is an English Literature student from London. She writes poetry and prose, and enjoys early morning coffee, Jean Rhys, period dramas, chamber choirs and walking through cities. Her work has been published on various online blogs and magazines, and she is a regular contributor to Sudden Denouement. She writes for herself, but hopes that those who stumble across her will find something in the words for themselves, too.]