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?Grabbing a shovel Digging for the truth The lie lay hidden Not daring to move Sensing great danger The lie called ?for help More lies arrived Covering their friend Protecting him to the end Noticing ?the strange pile Sticking out of the ground The lie was unaware That he…

Still Life in the Oral Surgeon’s Chair -Introducing Robin Wright

[Poem by Robin Wright] After my fear of teeth being twisted, cut, pulled like plugs for barbaric bloodletting, after the mask covers my nose and the nitrous has reduced my hands and feet to far-off sensations, thoughts fly from my body and laugh from above. But I endure, rise, retreat from the chair, no longerContinue reading Still Life in the Oral Surgeon’s Chair -Introducing Robin Wright

Poetry: Ela Thompson’s “The Labyrinth”

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My grandmother’s house was painted a dark, graying eggshell blue and was very near the southern border of the Catskill Mountains. After the death of my grandfather                   she sold the house, the barn, the many acres of field and forest.                   No one was surprised. Death                                 contaminates the…