Fear, Partitions and Damage-Aakriti Kuntal

Morning flicks her tongue around the curtain, coffee with violets grazing My arms, a sheath, body velvet swimming around me, defenseless blanket I am thrumming as the mornings encroach my left bosom, my dissected body shaking, blatant in its denial to sense reason Cold and latent, ice blue, amphibian green, icicles f a l LContinue reading Fear, Partitions and Damage-Aakriti Kuntal

Lotus- Aakriti Kuntal

Upwards, these lips, boat-like inundating rivers within their pondering girth Upwards, this skin, cellophane treasures collecting color from the sky’s subservience Upwards, hand, mouth, body Organs shattering in coalescent proximity I raise my head to an uneven sun Watch its cadenced portions Clouds ablaze against the hum of detonation I raise my body, my skin,Continue reading Lotus- Aakriti Kuntal