Attractive Miles by Nadia Garofalo

[Poem by Nadia Garofalo Photo by Women Beyond Boundaries]
I remember
when the desert called me
oasis of lost boys and love hotels
sometimes still
dry heat
warms cold blood
tempts me
can it quell uncertainty
with its attractive miles
heavy silence
lets let it go
we’ll soon see
if she calls now to you
or still, sings for me.

Crystal Residue by Nadia Garofalo

[Poem and photo by  Nadia Garofalo]
I open heavy
to an empty house
but at least it’s mine
The warmth isn’t gone
it’s spread out over continents
washes and brings in
its tide apparitions
nostalgia so vivid and thick
like ocean air
sharp corners
wear smooth
Pools evaporate to
crystal residue

Pretend Creature- Nadia Garofalo


[Words and photo by Nadia Garofalo, pictured]

I sit in a Whole Foods eating organic
Fair trade organisms
Self conscious in this privilege
I made this place

So far from the young creature kid
That held up in her bedroom drawing and dreaming

I died over and over
Performing countless times for my pretend audience.

Writhing and clawing under the monotony of the hills
Their protection bored me i longed for the dark woods of the world
But the knot in my stomach ties me to safety
Don’t disappoint don’t over do don’t die, like really die
I could never believe anything beyond this moment here. The future is not for me to imagine. Forward


Bad Habits- Nadia Garofalo


Bad habits [poem and photo by Nadia Garofalo]

Every damn time
over and over
a madman masochist
to the familiar
the comfortable

That which doesn’t serve
wastes me
keeps me afraid
to lose more
there is freedom in loss
isn’t there

Pushing for more
sucking the dry bottom
of a cup long empty
when the water flows sweetly
so near to me

I fear the cold
current that beats
sharp rocks against my feet
I’ve always been a swimmer
I was born in this water
carry it to dry lips
while I remain

Nadia is an artist/ musician living in Chicago, originally from western MA. Currently she works as a freelancer doing props for TV and film. When not working she is an active member of the Chicago music community as well as a founding member of the post-punk band Ganser. She is very excited to be a contributing member of Whisper and the Roar.