This too shall pass- Sabrina Escorcio

  This too shall pass on these, my worst days when scarlet blood memories dry thick over wax mesh minutes oxidized words once shouted now whisper healing remedies furtive broken flesh tilled like soil rebirth coagulating thoughts that stick mercilessly to old wounds soft flesh blooms through death this, self inflicted treatment becomes consolation, prizedContinue reading This too shall pass- Sabrina Escorcio

Ossuary- Sabrina Escorcio

She attempts to stand upon uneven ground atop a broken earth divide, awkwardly balancing between woman and child Fissures of inheritance the infectious bane of her own existence, formed beneath calloused soles of sister, mother, grandmother Charms contained within the broken locket placed delicate around her neck; sacred curse of ancestry adorned, yet blessed byContinue reading Ossuary- Sabrina Escorcio