Three Minds- Ward Clever

Tacitly tortuous rationalizations
Are like, not good and junk
Euphoric embalming cryogenesis
Sucks mightily
This dialog within myself
Between the higher and lower minds
Based solely on complexity of thought
And not achieved result
Takes place subconsciously
Whether I want it to or not
I live with whatever they decide
Though it occurs to me
If I’m here, and they are there,
Which mind am I?


if we just take
the good times slowly
we can savor them and
enjoy them more
an exchange of
precious pieces
often unacknowledged
I do coin tricks
with words
However it is
accomplished, healing is
necessary, welcome
and beautiful
ethereal lyrics
and the strange feeling
of hearing voices,
perhaps the demons
on both shoulders?
Unless you have
an angel on
one of them
Some do
but not I

Ghost Sounds and Grace Notes

I don’t know anything
I am truly unwise
I should never have been taken by surprise
I was sadly mistaken
I am stuck in this place
I should never have fallen

Ghost sounds and grace notes
Make the music I listen to
This hole that I’m stuck in
Is the well that I wish into
Closeness and day dreams
It’s true that I’m missing something

Arclight- Ward Clever

Ward larm-rmah-112824

Cut off and wondering where everyone went
Well does it matter
These hallways
This empty parking lot
Under this starless night
I feel nothing anyway
Energy is building
Nowhere to discharge
The first to get close
Will get the biggest shock from me
All my energy and attention
Will probably drain out of me
It will recharge again
Loneliness charges personal batteries
Until other people require energy
I am just a conduit
Focusing this attention where it needs to be
I feel nothing anyway
What charges my insides
Strangest feeling
Of being drained and charged
I don’t own the power
It’s in me temporarily
Saving nothing for me
Who can be there for me

Introducing Ward Clever: Smoke Of Memory


Love like fire
Flicker and fade
Love we made

Blood and wine
Pressed for time
And quiet

Insect singles bar
Applauding their meeting
Chirping their greeting
Lightning and feeling

Nighttime smoke
Flames slowly spark
Holding back the dark

As we stare into the fire
I wonder
For all those wasted years
Was there any reason for us
To stumble towards each other
With all this light
And all this heat
And all this love

All this time
We can’t get back
We can barely remember
We just caught in time
What the fireflies knew
All along

I write heartache and love, melancholy and magic, surrealism and silliness, romance and rage, and that’s the poetry. The prose is sometimes poetry in disguise, and sometimes a story of triumph, or of surreal sarcastic humor, of , or entertainment, or simply something unexpected.  You can read more of my writing at Ward Clever.