Sunshine blogger award

We had the honor of being nominated today for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the fabulous and inspiring Jasper Kerkau and the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.  This is my first blogging award nomination and my understanding is the rules stated are as such:

  • Thank whoever nominated your blog!
    • Indulge yourself and answer any questions you feel happy to answer.
    • Spread that radiance to some other awesome blogs to keep the light shining brightly.
    • Use these questions or make up your own to ask your nominees.
    • Tell your nominees that they have been nominated.
    • Put your preferred logo award on display. I chose the one above.

I strongly urge you to check out the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective’s blog as well as the blog pages of the contributing writers.

Questions and Answers

How did Whisper and the Roar come about?

Whisper and the Roar was at once a gift to me from Jasper Kerkau and a direct response to Trump and the fact that he’s a trigger. I am a lot of things. I am a feminist, I am a minority, I am an outlaw, I have been so downtrodden I’m surprised I don’t have permanent boot tracks across my face.

I’m not the only one. It used to feel that way, so I found comfort in poetry. We need to connect and unite in this time of hatred and oppression. It sounds lame, but love and understanding can make the difference between life or death. It has for me and I know it can for others.

What are the goals of Whisper and the Roar moving forward?

I am giving recognition to poets who deserve it and voices to the voiceless, but also, I aim to give relateable poetry to marginalized people. I hope that the contributing members of Whisper and the Roar will connect with each other and their audience and find comfort here. I hope we can spread our messages far and wide. Changing minds would be awesome, but my main goal is to comfort the minds that are already on our side and aching, so that they can then go on to change the world, or at least, to be ok.

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