The Body

The body wants to move
wants to reinhabit itself
it wants to play
To bend arc writhe and double with grace and ease
The body lets go
It also gets tired
and stiff and it aches
The body takes up more space than the other bodies do
It is majestic and has presence
Full of symbolism and reference
it represents fundamental truths
cruel ironies and distortions
The body is encumbered
Yet extends beyond boundaries
The body is boundlessContinue reading The Body

Fear, Partitions and Damage-Aakriti Kuntal

Morning flicks her tongue around the curtain, coffee with violets grazing My arms, a sheath, body velvet swimming around me, defenseless blanket I am thrumming as the mornings encroach my left bosom, my dissected body shaking, blatant in its denial to sense reason Cold and latent, ice blue, amphibian green, icicles f a l LContinue reading Fear, Partitions and Damage-Aakriti Kuntal

Lotus- Aakriti Kuntal

Upwards, these lips, boat-like inundating rivers within their pondering girth Upwards, this skin, cellophane treasures collecting color from the sky’s subservience Upwards, hand, mouth, body Organs shattering in coalescent proximity I raise my head to an uneven sun Watch its cadenced portions Clouds ablaze against the hum of detonation I raise my body, my skin,Continue reading Lotus- Aakriti Kuntal