A cry for life-Megha Sood

This poem is part of the series on the Global Exploitation of Women. The deliberate killing of a newborn female child is called female infanticide. Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) stated that female infanticide for son preference due to a variety of reasons is a worldwide phenomenon with 1.5 million female fetuses being aborted every year. These measures of theContinue reading A cry for life-Megha Sood

Feminism is my Realism- Kindra M. Austin & Christine Ray

I am Organism Female Defense Mechanism Natural Feminism is my Realism   Because #MeToo, Motherfuckers I’ve been abused Been paid less cash Called a Radical Cunt a Bleeding Heart Liberal and Put in my place— Not my place, but theirs   I’ve been judged by the size of my body and clothes I wear BeenContinue reading Feminism is my Realism- Kindra M. Austin & Christine Ray

Nicole Lyons’ I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As a Girl #1 New Release in Canadian Poetry

Originally posted on A Global Divergent Literary Collective:
Nicole Lyons’ I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As a Girl #1 New Release in Canadian Poetry. Pick up your copy today. Available through Amazon. Nicole Lyons has established herself as a force of nature. She has expanded on her seminal work Hush and found a new…

Flat Line- 1Wise-Woman

Your hatred had a heart beat Separated from your soul A lifetime ago Why eternally unknown Pervasive pulse Rampant rhythm Powered by purity Found in voiceless vulnerability Negatives burned in my retina Anchored acrimony Breaching bloodstream Contaminating Parasite Tainted tick Last kiss Last trick Vampire bliss Accrued courage Hell-bent Stained survivor Walk under a ladderContinue reading Flat Line- 1Wise-Woman

Maya (Respect for Maya Angelou)-Dave Somerset

Maya(Respect for Maya Angelou) by Dave Somerset Maya Angelou was a remarkable, accomplished Poet, performer, activist against oppression, and national and historic figure. Maya Angelou was raped when she was seven years old She told only her uncle about it Two days later the man who molested her was found He had been kicked toContinue reading Maya (Respect for Maya Angelou)-Dave Somerset