Just For Today

woman drinking tea


Just for today  I will get up again,

Dust my knees once more.

I will forgive myself for

Breaking my essence like

A stamped-on shell,

Cracked to the core.

And for today I will clear my eyes.

I will believe in fairies and talking stars;

That I can make it; that I can fly.

That mercy is there for me,

Born from the depths of my heart,

Where I am loved, purely, as I am.

And just for today I will shine,

Shamelessly, joyfully, in

The night sky of my life.

And I’ll have dreams, high and might,

Where all possibilities already are,

And I need to prove nothing,

No excuses to validate my existence,

For I am worthy, today,

I deserve all and every good thing,

Today, I will love myself, today,

I will cherish every quirkiness of my soul

And rise, up, to a place of light

Deep within. And I will no anger, nor worry.

I will trust, bloom, flourish.

Just for today I will embrace myself.

Every day of all the days

Where there is a today, I

Will adore who I am.

That’s my commitment from now on.

Just for today.

When it comes to myself.

I will love, love and love.

And then rise.




I feel the sun rise in me, the long night slowly pushing back, fading, the storm clouds gathering, away from the moon. They will come back, I know, and so they should. There are many nights in the Night. Some are gateways to dreams and stars. Some are the meadows of mares and fears, and unbridled terrors of headless riders. They will come again, I know it. But today the sun is rising, my day is dawning and the light is softly touching land escapes in my soul I had forgotten; places I did not know existed; a sea, soothing, turning pink and yellow as the sun travels up the sky.

I feel no fear.

Not today.

Not at my dawn, at the awakening of my young coup bearer, Aurora, stretching placidly from her long slumber. I feel no fear, no rush. No need to prove, to fight, to win the battle, although I will win it, when the battle does come. Today is not a day of war -not in the world of my soul. Today is gentle and sweet, and I smile as when looking at a baby sleep. Today there is a sea, swaying softly, caressing the sand inside of me -the small sail boat gliding with joy; the kite floating effortlessly, painting rainbows with its tail. Today there are picnics between my bones and my flesh. A country fair and kids running, as they eat cotton candy. Today the wind is gentle, and it tenderly kisses me. It plays with the locks of my hair; makes my dress an ethereal dancer of life. Today I am a piano, being touched delicately, pianissimo, by a curious five-year-old. Today I breathe deeply and it is as if I could inhale the whole oxygen of the world, so big and deep am I. Inside. In the place of truth, where my night sleeps -dreams perhaps- and my day shines like a perfect summer day on the beach. Today I am happy.

Today I am free.


PRT Farah Enables Afghan Women's Initiatives



Broken hearts, broken oaths,

Broken dreams, broken peace.

The truce is over.

I hope you have chosen your side.

I know well enough which one is mine.

I’m standing tall over my own camp,

For this time I chose myself over

All pleasantries, traditions and obligations.

I am my own general and I am waiting

To see the white of their eyes to shoot.

Which side will you call yours?

On whose territory will you stand on?

If be not mine, then hide, run, for

I’m taking no prisoners.

The time of understanding has come and gone.

Now rules the reign of sheer strength and

You would be mistaken to think that in this war,

I am the weaker one.

Be my ally or be me foe.

I’m done with love for now, with

Tenderness and compassion. I shall

Have my demands met or tears will be shed,

Not precisely from my eyes or those who

Join me in arms.

We are at war. Are you at war with me?

Or will you stand by my side,

For this once, go beyond yourself,

And prove the passionate

Comradeship you have profess

Is true and right?

So it’s goodbye, then.

Broken hearts, broken oaths,

Broken dreams, broken peace.

Let the war begin.