Featured Post: When God Was a Woman – Christine E. Ray

Sunday morning sermons
delivered from man-made pulpits
echo in our ears
his-story books
that line school shelves
providing the warp
the weft
that weave the elaborate
mythic tapestry
a master-piece of
collective amnesia
millenniums in the making
a palatable image
to hang on our walls
of an all-knowing, all-powerful
thunderous God
his pristine ivory robes
rustling gracefully
over his magnificent manhood
a white-washed God
for the masses to fear
to revere
to swallow whole
with their bitter
communion wine
we are the women
who remember
when God was a woman
when the earth gestated
and flourished
in her cosmic womb
supported by her strong brown hands
we are the women
who will not forget
who teach our daughters
the old ways in secret parlors
sandy beaches
fertile fields
who guide their arms lovingly
in gratitude to the full moon
stars shining brightly
on their tender brows
a crown
her truth burning brightly
in their hearts

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Image Courtesy of The Atlantic (via Pinterest)

Queen Lilith – by Jay-lyn Doerksen

legs swinging
devilish grin upon my lips.
peeking over bared shoulder
eyes daring you
warning you
do not come so close.
Glimmer of seduction
blood red lips
shimmy of slender hips.
Come hither.
Come crawling
between my breasts
my legs
feel the heat arising.
Arms around
whispers in your ear
pulling you close my dear.
Mocking laughter begins to swirl
madness resounds.
Echoes in a never ending chasm
free fall
no net to stop your descent.
You will find yourself bound
my slave
my thrall
tears fall from your eyes
drip from your chin.
You are mine
never will you win.
I personify
I am the dream
lingering in your mind
not quite awake
not quite asleep
at your throat
you will feel my teeth.
Not a tale told by religion
to keep all safe.
This is the story of my life.
©July 12/19
Picture via Pinterest
To read more of Jay-lyn Doerksen’s work please go to her WordPress Site here

Stepping Off the Spiral Path- Christine Ray

No longer virginal maiden

lips like ripe peach

no longer fertile earth mother

babe at breast

I have fallen out of memory

fallen out of myth

Filled with the wisdom

of time


I reject the title crone

I am decades from being wise woman

alone in the woods

Is there no place

on the spiral of life

in a society obsessed with youth


for midlife woman

come into her own

comfortable in her own skin

in her own sexuality

sharp of mind

no longer defined solely

by relationships to others?

My vibrancy undimmed

my ambition awakened

I refuse the mantle

of invisibility

only sanctioned option offered me

I choose instead my naked soul

blaze my own trail

in a world unprepared for smart



hungry women

who do not fit in a rigid mold

who belong solely

to themselves


Image of Helen Mirren courtesy of Pinterest

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved