How Low Can You Go? -Aurora Phoenix

you gather your henchmen close and closer they whose quals consist \in whole and part\ of oft-shriveled deified appendages and an omnipresent aptitude for grating self-aggrandizement.   you flaunt your petulant pedigree while maggots squirm on the flyleaf pearling slime on the stained glass aperture to your fears   I neither sway nor hold self-sameContinue reading How Low Can You Go? -Aurora Phoenix

tiny touch. Introducing Anthony Gorman

brushed shy finger with hers lightly, slightly- tiny, wee touch, testing timid limits- trust, just enough. © Anthony Gorman 2018 Anthony Gorman is a writer, visual artist, and human rights activist with extensive lived trauma.  He’s worked in the field of Mental Health and addictions in crisis management.  Much of his writing helps with processing theContinue reading tiny touch. Introducing Anthony Gorman