Assaulted – Aurora Phoenix

you were pushed from behind


I heard in the breathless notch

in your measured words

that catch

in your voice

the tremulous quaver

in your understated stand


I have felt those hands

(haven’t we all)

one knife-wielding

– in word or deed –

while the other lays claim

with eyes or clammy paws

to my plush backside


you are the embodiment

of cultured terror apparent

the carbon dated anguish

etched on your skin

your pain quivers

on articulated tips

of your educated tongue


I jump sky high

elbow cocked in self- defense

it fades yet never ebbs

that stretched rubber band

that inhabits cells

twangs unbidden

and we sproing!


he tantrums

spews vile rhetoric

wields his power

his privilege

in ways she would burn

at stake

would she dare give voice

were she to cry crocodile

her ovaries would fry

ahhh those tantrums

we choke down

swallow hot with rancid bile

those that would label

rabid bitch

raving psycho


because well behaved women

may bare our ankles

here in 2018

shoulders even (Oh my!)

but we step NOT

upon the tender toes

of fragile male privilege

under pain of recompense


Welcome to the Land of the Free- Aurora Phoenix

they swelter under the shelter

of duodenal disdain

salvation proclamation

hymn hummed helter-skelter.

who are we to gift them

of our holier than thou

bread and water

served under asylum?

equal opportunity


doled out

with military precision

wrapped in red-tape ribbons.

did they hear the pop pop pop

of our birthday celebrations

and shudder violently?

\fear needs no translation\

these babies have seen stars

worn stripes beyond their years

it is not pride the anthem

conjures in my tears.

history repeats

drum beats



and the children

suffer for our fears

Power-Audre Lorde

The difference between poetry and rhetoric
is being ready to kill
instead of your children.
I am trapped on a desert of raw gunshot wounds
and a dead child dragging his shattered black
face off the edge of my sleep
blood from his punctured cheeks and shoulders
is the only liquid for miles
and my stomach
churns at the imagined taste while
my mouth splits into dry lips
without loyalty or reason
thirsting for the wetness of his blood
as it sinks into the whiteness
of the desert where I am lost
without imagery or magic
trying to make power out of hatred and destruction
trying to heal my dying son with kisses
only the sun will bleach his bones quicker.
A policeman who shot down a ten year old in Queens
stood over the boy with his cop shoes in childish blood
and a voice said “Die you little motherfucker” and
there are tapes to prove it. At his trial
this policeman said in his own defense
“I didn’t notice the size nor nothing else
only the color”. And
there are tapes to prove that, too.
Today that 37 year old white man
with 13 years of police forcing
was set free
by eleven white men who said they were satisfied
justice had been done
and one Black Woman who said
“They convinced me” meaning
they had dragged her 4’10” black Woman’s frame
over the hot coals
of four centuries of white male approval
until she let go
the first real power she ever had
and lined her own womb with cement
to make a graveyard for our children.
I have not been able to touch the destruction
within me.
But unless I learn to use
the difference between poetry and rhetoric
my power too will run corrupt as poisonous mold
or lie limp and useless as an unconnected wire
and one day I will take my teenaged plug
and connect it to the nearest socket
raping an 85 year old white woman
who is somebody’s mother
and as I beat her senseless and set a torch to her bed
a greek chorus will be singing in 3/4 time
“Poor thing. She never hurt a soul. What beasts they are.”
(image: flavorwire)

Bastardizing Feminism-Aurora Phoenix

feminist rally image

when you call me


with that sneer

that mocks blue-black

from deadened eyes

have you consulted Webster

as you disparage


is it equality

that prompts

your jaw tightening

snarling disdain?

what fear you

if I stood


at your side?


when you label me


in that tone

befit for excrement

you trod upon

now befouling your nose

did you crack open Oxford

before you hurl

erroneous aspersions?


is it not right

in your eyes

smeared with sycophantic


that I dare believe

I am deserving

of status



when you brand me


as you would

a wandering cow

to which you lay claim,

who irritates

with wayward ways,

do you peruse American Heritage

as you slander

from spittle-foamed lips?


is it my audacity

to advocate

earnest and articulate

on behalf of myself

and sisters in subjugation

that tightens your colon

as you clench

your misbegotten gains?


dear sirs (and madams)

I respectfully submit the attached

as evidence of

verbiage abuse

and request that you

cease and desist





Poseidon Engulfed

mermaid rising


from a kelp-strangled stupor

the mermaids


ascended in leagues

of their own


of Triton’s reign


lyrically disgruntled

(not crotchety old-man grumpy)

they trump-eted

fishwifery revolt

spouting cerulean


of caricatured



tear-salted dissent

swells aquatic

erupting truth

lives down-scaled

constraints en-Trenched


sirening naked




azure spume


power backwash


in the


is the






Encoded- Aurora Phoenix

her ovaries must harbor

in sub-atomic particles

the Jungian aggregation

of all the silencings

the brutal

culturally sanctioned

“God says we should do this”






the subtle








the genital







the relational








how else can she explain


her eloquent-wordsmithing-doctorally-educated-driven






when she tries to say


“I need this. I deserve this.”


Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

Deluge- Aurora Phoenix

mother earth face

when mother Gaia

can swallow no more

spilled blood from offspring

of her ravaged womb

and the hail

of bullets

riddles consciousness

until we are inured

to horror

while Big Pharma

and the NRA

slurp the gore

calamity as morning coffee

tooth their gold

and pocket our futures

her grief breaches

banks of comprehension

heavens torrent

flood commences


Curtain Call

gong sounded a summons




marching orders


exorcism of the ghosts

squashed by the machine

deus ex machina.

are they syncopated sycophants?

statutory statuary

dotting the grassy knoll

they stand ramrod straight

striated fire hydrants

expelling geysers against those

who talk out of school.

no desk standing here –

synchronized solidarity

in beleaguered entreaty

carpe diem! – seize that day

while it still exists.

pigeon hole stool pigeons

deny the reality of that rat

gnawing Achilles while you kick

helpless flailing

scrambling rodents underfoot.

greying of the line between

sanity and madness

encroaches – winter dusk.

they sing a song of sixpence

fill pockets as we die

in techno – technicolor

synthesized and sidelined

screeching vox nihili

Covfefe- Aurora Phoenix

I am master of the universe

every step I take, every move I make

you are watching me

lyricist prophesied

star commander made it so

my ascendance unbounded

my followers irretweetable

I am yuger than

the billion machinations

of corrupted conglomerations

who helped me didn’t help me

I love it no one can see it

the fouled nest I perch in

predatory lent to me

(or did I steal it, I forgot)

I am astonishing

beyond my own exaggerated

predilections and predictions

no one can touch my fabulousity

I sewed it into all my suits

in China, made in America

where we make things great again

through temper tantrumed tall tales

obtuse prevarication

precise impersonification

of human being leaders

I am the bestest dictator ever

I know because I said so

I was rightfully elected

to this throne that isn’t mine

I am so amazing, just wonderful

even my typos are mythic

secret coded messages

to the Russians, spies

with whom I have no contact

haven’t communicated ever

in the infamous words

“I know noZING, I see noZING”

Are we there yet?

(image: DeviantArt)

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

CatastroLies- Aurora Phoenix

violence erupts

encore in gore

in restricted zones

(read: outside the ‘hood)

shocked voices


at the desecration

of their invulnerability

in “safe”


“family” neighborhoods


as if

horrific brutality

bypasses homes

with well-heeled lintels

and attached garages


as if

those who violate

personal sanctity

are never wolves

in pastors’ robes


as if

hordes of children

women (and yes, men)

don’t paint

obsequious complacency

over cuts and bruises


as if

the family is not

unit of maltreatment

grand central

damage station


as if

abject terror

wretched wriggling

into unavailable corners

is a new experience

among scores

in “safe” communities

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”