Sister-David Somerset

Sister David Somerset

[Inspired by a facebook post by my friend Justice, who put out a call for size 8 sneakers needed by a woman in Central Square, Lynn MA, standing there in soggy slippers, apparently homeless.]


Did you see my sister

under the bridge in Central Square

on the edge…in the rain

soggy slippers and cardboard sign

going nowhere…

surrounded by don’t want to know

and don’t want to care

even though….

we’re all under a bridge


Dave Somerset aka “Call Dave” writes and performs poetry, stories and music at local open mics and features. He likes Bansky’s idea that “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” and that truth and good writing converge. Dave’s work has been published in the Merrimac Mic Anthology, and online sights. Dave also has published a Chap Book: Among Poets Tonight.

An Elegy For Industry- Timothy Tarkelly

elegy Timothy T

The city air is cleaner now,

but they hate the smell.

It is hollow like a song

sung without meaning.

Their nostrils

long for the harsher, quilled

haze of industrial fumes

that speak: “the city lives

and has the body odor,

the factory breath to prove it.”

Clean air is sweet,

too sweet, repulsive

to the workers at home,

pretending there is not a problem,

as if the kids haven’t figured it out

on their own.


The streets are empty of purpose,

but filled with stoop smokers,

children long since tired

of their stomping grounds.

Playing is habit,

as is longingly looking

at the sky, suddenly bright

and pumping with color,

animals, clouds

(the non-artificial sort),

and the occasional dusty trail

of a plane that would never dare steer close

to this city of all cities.


They’d cheer for their children’s lungs

if they weren’t so scared

for their bellies,

for the new and far latitude

where the sky still swallows black

while a different set of hands

draws, pours,


the oil and works the curves

of the machines

the city weeps for.

Image and text by Timothy Tarkelly

Timothy Tarkelly has an MA in Theatre (Drama Therapy) from Kansas State University. His poems have been featured by Lycan Valley Press, Fourth & Sycamore, Poets & War, and Aphelion. He is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW local 1981) and is on the National Committee of the Social Democrats, USA. When he is not writing, he works for a non-profit that serves survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

december 22-Lois E. Linkens


lois e. linkens

golden slumbers shimmer over youthful minds on soft pillows. parcels waiting, the light of morning is anticipated with short breaths and restless bodies, a far-off red ribbon at the end of a grassy track. and still, not a thought is given to those for whom the night is simply darkening day, those whose hearts leap at some discarded cardboard with fewer holes than the last. they will not open gifts, they will not eat until their stomachs swell. they will not sing.

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