Featured Post: The Bluest Eye- Christine E. Ray

ivory hued dolls
with wavy golden locks
lovingly combed
and styled
sat carefully along
the bedroom shelf
their piercing blue eyes
painted open
in horror
their mouths forming
silent ‘O’s
of unheard screams
no protection
no comfort
can they offer
these porcelain witnesses
of the injustices
inflicted upon
her young brown body
by a racist society
by boys
and men
she knew
she trusted
her world
her skin
her psyche
by such
unable to bear
their unblinking knowing
any longer
she turns each doll
so they face
the wall
and begins to slowly
sew herself
back together

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Featured Post: Sister Outsider – Christine E. Ray

Sister Outsider
how many times
have my hazel eyes
bought me the
luxury of blindness?
how many times
has the skin I walk in
this ivory cocoon
insulated me
from your reality?
how many times
have I naively
claimed that we
are all the same
underneath our pigment
as if my bones
had carried
the weight of your
ancestors’ chains
as if my blood
knew the acid burn
of your rage
pumping through
your body
as you have been
pushed aside
excluded from a seat
at the table?
how many times have
I made it your job
not mine
to teach me the truth
about your life?
how many times
have I been silent
when I should speak?
how many times
did I patronizingly
assume that I knew what you wanted
what you needed
without listening to your voice?
Sister Outsider
how many times
have I failed you?
how many times
will I fall short
and I fail you still?

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Saffron and Chestnuts- Christine Ray


I pity you

you with your

narrow definitions

of beauty


by the notion

that a woman

must be a



Barbie doll


blue eyed

blonde curls

to earn a place on your arm

you are blind

to how sexy her strong is

or her throaty laugh

that gorgeous brain

her wicked sense of humor

you don’t know how delicious

her saffron lips taste

or the way her chestnut eyes sparkle

when she wraps her

golden brown arms

around my neck

and calls me “Baby”


© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved