Just For Today

woman drinking tea


Just for today  I will get up again,

Dust my knees once more.

I will forgive myself for

Breaking my essence like

A stamped-on shell,

Cracked to the core.

And for today I will clear my eyes.

I will believe in fairies and talking stars;

That I can make it; that I can fly.

That mercy is there for me,

Born from the depths of my heart,

Where I am loved, purely, as I am.

And just for today I will shine,

Shamelessly, joyfully, in

The night sky of my life.

And I’ll have dreams, high and might,

Where all possibilities already are,

And I need to prove nothing,

No excuses to validate my existence,

For I am worthy, today,

I deserve all and every good thing,

Today, I will love myself, today,

I will cherish every quirkiness of my soul

And rise, up, to a place of light

Deep within. And I will no anger, nor worry.

I will trust, bloom, flourish.

Just for today I will embrace myself.

Every day of all the days

Where there is a today, I

Will adore who I am.

That’s my commitment from now on.

Just for today.

When it comes to myself.

I will love, love and love.

And then rise.

Bangin’ Curves


Made up my mind to fall head over heels

in love with me

cos why not perceive what my man sees when I’m in

boy shorts, and my

ample ass cheeks peek out at the bottom?

Why not embrace the strength of my thick thighs?

And rather than disguise the size of my mature breasts,

why not get high by the sight of my

bangin’ curves?

Why not give my body the respect it



Made up my mind to fall head over heels

in love with me


(image of Hilda: Bored Panda)