Attractive Miles by Nadia Garofalo

[Poem by Nadia Garofalo Photo by Women Beyond Boundaries]
I remember
when the desert called me
oasis of lost boys and love hotels
sometimes still
dry heat
warms cold blood
tempts me
can it quell uncertainty
with its attractive miles
heavy silence
lets let it go
we’ll soon see
if she calls now to you
or still, sings for me.

Crystal Residue by Nadia Garofalo

[Poem and photo by our own Nadia Garofalo]
I open heavy
to an empty house
but at least it’s mine
The warmth isn’t gone
it’s spread out over continents
washes and brings in
its tide apparitions
nostalgia so vivid and thick
like ocean air
sharp corners
wear smooth
Pools evaporate to
crystal residue

The Beginning-Introducing Aurora Pheonix

[Art and poem by Aurora Pheonix]
It felt like miscarriage.
There was the requisite agony and attendant
gore – absent the maternal oxytocin glow. This being
erupted from her unbidden, extruding through
dry constricted orifices.
It wracked her – a clamped
down silent caterwauling black hole
wrenching her skinside in and curdling
the yolk of the skies.
This thing was a raw bloody
mangled mess, confounding hope of life.
Expecting putrefaction
it squirmed and whimpered
inexplicably birthed in desolate
Siberian confinement.

At the end of all that was known
she bore a poetess self

[Aurora Pheonix is a fledgling writer who is in the process of authoring a new life following a shocking incarceration. She was previously a clinical psychologist and suburban mom. Writing found her in captivity and has been an inescapable conduit to process her experience and reclaim her voice.]