If You Could Be Mine – CE Wing

I think I’m smitten
I know I’m intrigued
If you could be mine
One day
Then I know
My dark forest
Would be bright again
If you could be mine
One day
I would be inspired
To write mesmerizing poetry
And epic tales
If you could be mine
One day
You would have my loyalty and honesty
Passion and desire
A true partner
If you could be mine
One day
Oh what a journey we could have
To travel through forests and mountains
And explore inter realms
But only
One day
If you could be mine

CE Wing is a Connecticut Yankee living in the Queen City. A writer and poet. She has dreamed of being a writer since she was a little girl. Her dream was pushed aside for a time but through her journey of self-discovery, she rekindled her passion for writing. She is currently writing a novel, a traditional fantasy with an LGBTQ theme. You can read more of her writing on Wing’s Poetry

Featured Post: The Truth That Never Hurts – M.A. Morris

Is there a truth that never hurts?
The truth of a garden?
Of the Texas sky?
Of a home?
Or an empty house?

Is there a truth that never hurts?
The truth of a love?
Of the human heart?
Of a parent?
Of a child?
Of a dog?
Or even God?

When did the truth
Contained in each
Contain no pain?
No hurt?
Not a scrap?
Not a speck?

I am a retired teacher, enjoying said retirement.  I have been active in the gay and lesbian community since I threw away my Ken doll at the age of four.

You can read more of my writing at Hearing The Mermaids Sing

Featured Post: If You Could Be Mine – M.A. Morris

Friends surprise with a birthday dinner.
Then out to the bar for a few drinks.
They laugh and wink
When a tiny little thing
With long, dark shining hair
That looks so velvety soft
That to touch it would be
To fall up into a rural night sky
Of inky black laced
With the light of
A thousand stars,
Smiles at me,
And with the encouragement of her friends,
Asks me for a dance.
But she is young,
Much too young for me.

But I like the way she moves as if just for me.
I think I could do this just like I used to in my youth.
Something stirs within as if of old muscle memory
Of how to divorce the physical from the spiritual.
Yes, just like in my youth.
I could take her home,
Whisper things like,
“If you could be mine….”
And really go to town.
This funk I’m in
Kicked to the curb
For a few hours.

At least, until
I kick her to the curb
By asking her to leave.
What would the point of all that be?
To feel young and carefree?
Yes, for a few hours at least.
Better, I do think,
Just to drink
Tequila shots
Until the thinking stops.
Call an Uber for a ride.
Nurse my head in the morning.
And then sleep nearly all day.
But that’s just not really me
To waste such a day.

So, until the time she asks
For a dance not of the vertical variety,
Forcing a “no” as my only reply,
I think I will stay
And watch her sway,
Just for me
at least, I’d like to think,
Maybe throw back
One of the shots she buys
And just relax
At least for this while,
Wishing I was young enough
For her to be mine.

I am a retired teacher, enjoying said retirement.  I have been active in the gay and lesbian community since I threw away my Ken doll at the age of four.

You can read more of my writing at Hearing The Mermaids Sing

Vicarious Atonement – Pallavi

As I waddle through troves of treasured but arbitrary musings
I yearn for words to express my feelings
But they are being skittish and out of blitz
Unrelenting to my request to form a sentence
Evading emotions that are peering through my glass soul
Waiting to be put forth and across
Words oh words, only if you could be mine, I would create wonders
and the world would admire the splendor
Alas! I am under your subjugation, an accomplice to your crimes
Beset by your blasphemy and still acting sublime
Maybe tomorrow you can present your apology
or compensate for your treachery
Until then
I will vicariously atone for your sins

Things which get my endorphins pumping – my kids (mom of two), coffee (green tea just doesn’t do), writing (find it a cathartic release), dancing (absolutely, first love it remains), reading (with or without coffee), working out (with my husband as my buddy).

You can read more of my writing at Curating Thoughts

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: If You Could Be Mine – Sara Farizan

Throughout the month of September, Christine will be providing a daily writing prompt based on the title of a well-regarded book where the main character is a lesbian or a woman exploring her sexual identity. You certainly don’t need to be a lesbian or even a woman to participate, nor does your response piece need to be written from a lesbian perspective.  These are designed to inspire you to write a poem, prose piece, or a piece of flash fiction in 30 minutes or less.

The only rule is that you use the book title as your piece title OR integrate all the words in the title into your piece somehow

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If You Could Be Mine

Featured Post: Juliet Takes a Breath – Georgiann Carlson

Juliet takes a breath
and stops listening to
her own heartbeat
and instead
listens to the world
fall apart
is gone
is on Her knees
the world
is in free fall
everything is
men hunt us
they want to control
our bodies
she wants to
warn other women
to stay still
to not turn on
the lights
to trust no one
and remember
to keep their
guns loaded
and their
knives sharp
then join
their sisters
and take
back the
and their

I’m an artist, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and quite a few other things as well. I love books, cats, philosophy, good conversation, Chicago and the arts. So my blog is full of bits and pieces but it’s the bits and pieces that make life interesting to me. You can read more of my writing at Rethinking Life

Featured Post: The Wanderground – Robert G Wertzler

I’ve traveled a drunkard’s walk path
In the Wanderground
In and out of lives,
My own and others’
In and out of houses
That never really felt
Like home, however comfortable
In and out of schools and jobs
Blown about by change, necessity
Opportunity, curiosity, and love
Had you asked, I often
Would have said I was
Looking for my home
Sometimes the physical
Sometimes the spiritual
Sometimes the relationship
But now I come to think
I was already at home
In the Wanderground
On a walkabout of discovery

Bob Wertzler is retired from almost twenty years in the mental health field in California and Arizona. There are times the title, “Recovering Therapist”, seems to fit. In 2006 he retired to move to Western North Carolina to help and become primary care giver for his father who had developed Dementia. Before all that, there was work at various times as a soldier (US Army 1967-70), community organizer, cab driver, welfare case worker, wooden toy maker, carpenter, warehouse worker, and other things. He relates to a line in a Grateful Dead song, “What a long, strange trip its been.”