Perils of Social Media – Pallavi

The space between us has gotten wider
Our disapproval for each other scarier
The eco-system of social media was supposed to balk distances
To bring people closer and fuse differences
But then labels and hashtags of divisiveness took over
Intolerance and impatience permeated behind shields of full disclosure
I unfriend you for your religious beliefs are different than mine
You block me for my idea on politics according to you are not too fine
Gone are those days when we could agree to disagree
Respectfully partake in discussions without losing sanity
Now this radioactive malicious wedge
is driving relations off the ledge
If creating a bubble with only “my” views is the solution
Then bidding adieu to progress with be the only conclusion.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Things which get my endorphins pumping – my kids (mom of two), coffee (green tea just doesn’t do), writing (find it a cathartic release), dancing (absolutely, first love it remains), reading (with or without coffee), working out (with my husband as my buddy).

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Featured Post: The Space Between – M.A. Morris

We spent the day,
Hollow and empty,
Like that dropped
Carton of eggs
When you went to put them away.

A county,
A state,
A country,
A continent,
A half a world
Filled the space
Our seats.
Yet we managed
To untangle the web
Of our together lives.

Oh, yes.
We were so civilized.
Visits to banks,
To phone carriers,
To stores to complete
Separate lives out of what
Was once was unified.
Yes, we untangled the web
Of our lives together.
And the irony,
The irony is this knot
Inside my chest.
Yet, all I think–
We’re so compatible, so right.
How did it come to this?
The echoing bell
Within my skull
Rings with
A simple answer
I am too old,
Too old

I am a retired teacher, enjoying said retirement.  I have been active in the gay and lesbian community since I threw away my Ken doll at the age of four.

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Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Space Between – Michelle L. Teichman

Throughout the month of September, Christine will be providing a daily writing prompt based on the title of a well-regarded book where the main character is a lesbian or a woman exploring her sexual identity. You certainly don’t need to be a lesbian or even a woman to participate, nor does your response piece need to be written from a lesbian perspective.  These are designed to inspire you to write a poem, prose piece, or a piece of flash fiction in 30 minutes or less.

The only rule is that you use the book title as your piece title OR integrate all the words in the title into your piece somehow

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The Space Between