The Woman in Black – Georgiann Carlson

she always wore black
she said she did it
to mourn for all the
pain and suffering
women were forced
to face in their lives
all the torture and misery
caused by men
and patriarchal society
she kept her eyes closed
for long periods of time
she said she couldn’t look
not any more
broken bodies
broken hearts
broken children
when the solution
was so simple
all men had to do
was stop being violent
she said that
she had been gone
for many years
killed by a man’s fists
but as she was dying
she vowed
to roam the earth
for as long as the violence
on Halloween
she became real
and let her vengeance
run free
she said that on that day
her eyes
were wide open
and she was very
very hungry

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Conditional Freedom – Pallavi

The woman in black
clad toe to head
being ridiculed for her decision
to practice something we don’t understand
her identity reduced to the cloth around her body
prejudiced as orthodox and primitive
We don’t see behind that veil
that maybe it’s her choice
that maybe the woman in her hasn’t failed
For, she has a mind which’s as scholarly
and fights for equality as valiantly
she’s just like you and me
living life a little differently
Why’s her choice wrong?
only because it doesn’t fit our box?
Her choice to wear a burqa or hijab is no different than mine to wear a skirt or bikini
Remember, freedom is free;
and if granted with conditions, just as much a hypocrisy.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels

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Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Woman in Black – Susan Hill

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The Woman in Black