Does Joan of Arc Buy Organic?- Christine Ray

They say the Devil wears Prada

in my experience she wears Lululemon yoga pants

drives a hybrid

drinks La Columbe

and looks down at me condescendingly at the Ardmore Trader Joe’s and Wynnewood Whole Foods

The Devil lurking in me

is clad in mass market athleisurewear from Kohls

needs to shave her legs

her hoodie has seen better days (oops.  .  . is this the one with the hole or the stain?!)

and probably has not showered today

let alone worn lipstick in years

No shiny, perky ponytail

hides her horns

she does her own eyebrows


and arrives in a beat up Honda minivan

I am not proud to admit that some days I am the devil

I like it a lot better when I am the wrong side of the Main Line tracks

Joan of Arc

flaming sword in hand

carving words of rage and power

into the sky


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Pretend Creature


[Words and photo by Nadia Garofalo, pictured]

I sit in a Whole Foods eating organic
Fair trade organisms
Self conscious in this privilege
I made this place

So far from the young creature kid
That held up in her bedroom drawing and dreaming

I died over and over
Performing countless times for my pretend audience.

Writhing and clawing under the monotony of the hills
Their protection bored me i longed for the dark woods of the world
But the knot in my stomach ties me to safety
Don’t disappoint don’t over do don’t die, like really die
I could never believe anything beyond this moment here. The future is not for me to imagine. Forward