I rise,

From my knees, from my bondage,

I rise,

Tall and mighty,

I rise,

Like the lark in the morning,

The nightingale at night,

Singing my song.

I rise,

Poor, lonely or ugly,

I rise,

Oppressed, broken, destroyed,

I rise

And become the sun and the stars

And every flower that ever bloomed,

Bloomed first in my heart,

For I held on to my dreams when

The darkness kicked me, I

Held them tight.

And now I rise.

To a new day that has my name,

My face, my still timid smile.

My day.

And on this day I give out my hand

To you my sister, and tell you,

Let’s rise.

Tall and high.



Bangin’ Curves


Made up my mind to fall head over heels

in love with me

cos why not perceive what my man sees when I’m in

boy shorts, and my

ample ass cheeks peek out at the bottom?

Why not embrace the strength of my thick thighs?

And rather than disguise the size of my mature breasts,

why not get high by the sight of my

bangin’ curves?

Why not give my body the respect it



Made up my mind to fall head over heels

in love with me


(image of Hilda: Bored Panda)